Some important nutrition facts for your kidneys

Multivitamin use in the United States is rampant. There have been several studies looking at supplementation in various disease states, the most recent being the SELECT trial (Selenium and Vitamin E) in Prostate Cancer, but with no benefit. Most individuals in this country, roughly 50% of the US population(Journal of American Medical Association, 2008) take a supplement, but do so based on mass advertising.

Kidney patients and those with a history of diabetes(50% develop some kidney injury) have unique requirements. Most central to this is the need for Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is very common across the Unite States, and indeed the world, and the National Kidney Foundation have espoused specific requirements. We also restrict Potassium and Phosphorous in patients with advancing kidney disease- but did you know that most if not all over the counter vitamins have potassium and phosphorous?

The new wave of thinking is to take “smart” vitamins- vitamins specifically tailored for your needs. I don’t want my patients to take things they don’t need, and pay ridiculous amounts of money for multiple supplements.

More on fish oil next….


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Hi everyone,

Nephroceuticals was founded in the 2008.  Our company mission is to make “smart” vitamins for patients with kidney disease and those with a significant history of diabetes(leads to kidney disease). More importantly we want to do this based on the clinical evidence  and at a comparable cost to other vitamins.

People with kidney disease number around 26 million people in the United States alone- that’s people who have 99% kidney function down to 15% fuction- after which you require dialysis. There is absolutely no vitamin specially formulated for these people. What is important about this is that the clinical literature, textbooks, and the nutrition guidelines put forth by the National Kidney Foundation make specific nutritional  recommendations for these people. People with kidney disease and diabetes have specific nutritional requirements- and when you care about nutrition, you care about yourself.

The result was ProRenal QD with Omega 3– the first multivitamin that is specifically formulated based on the clinical evidence to support the nutritional health of people with kidney disease. What we also said to ourselves was- lets make this the same price as other vitamins. If one of my patients is taking a drugstore  multivitamin- why on earth would they want to pay more?  ProRenal QDis the same price as store vitamins but it is formulated best for our patients- all  a patient has to say is “what is right for me?”.

More to come….

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